Our favorite tools to find your perfect color

We all know color is the spice of life—a new hair color can make you feel like a million bucks and a new lip color or vibrant dress can make all the difference in how you look and feel. But sometimes it’s hard to know what color you should be using to spice things up. Cue our new website features that help you do just that! Read on for the deets from the best salon in Lexington.


Have you ever found yourself dreaming of a new hair color and wishing you could test it out before you make the leap? If you don’t have a wig in every color of the rainbow, this can be difficult. That’s why we’re so excited for Aveda’s new virtual hair color tool—it lets you upload a photo of your hair as it, and it will show you what you would look like with various hair colors. So you can play with any color you can dream up—blazing coppers, bold blues, gorgeous blondes or rich brunettes. And when you find the one you love, call us up at 859-252-0232 to book your appointment and make the magic happen.

Source; Aveda


You know that feeling when you put on some eye shadow, lipstick, accessories or an outfit in the absolute perfect color and all seems right in the world? We’re firm believers in the power of wearing colors that complement your skin tone, eyes and hair color because it effortlessly enhances your natural beauty. And now finding the right colors just got easier with our Just Be True To Your Hue quiz. You’ll find out what color group you belong to, then we’ll give you the palette that best suits you. Then, you can head to our Just B Styles boutique to shop all the right colors.


Head to our website to take these color quizzes, then stop by our salon and boutique to achieve your head-to-toe color goals.