COVID-19 Safety

  1. No one with a fever may enter the building. 
  2. Call when you arrive. We’ll let you know when your service provider is ready before you enter the salon.
  3. All team members and guests must wear a mask. We can provide you one if needed for a small fee of $1.
  4. Please wash your hair at least two hours before arrival. Covid-19 can live on hair, so clean hair keeps us all safe.
  5. We’ll greet you verbally (no hugs or handshakes). 
  6. Please come to your appointment alone. No additional guests or children at your appointment. 
  7. Our salon stations are spaced six feet apart to maintain distance between guests. 
  8. We will not be offering beverages at this time. 
  9. As always, capes are washed between each guest.
  10. Pre-service shampoos will not be performed. Please come with clean, dry hair. 
  11. Our signature stress-relieving rituals (hand massages and scalp, neck and shoulder massages) will not be offered at this time.
  12. Bring in only want you need and can fit in your lap in a quart-size Ziplock bag (we will provide). No bags, purses, laptops, etc.
  13. Blow-dry services are suspended for now.
  14. Our guest care team will shop the retail area for you. 
  15. No cash will be accepted. We’ll gladly add gratuity to credit card payments. 
  16. We are phasing in all services at this time. Depending on the spikes in Covid-19, we will add and take away services we offer.

**If you have been exposed to, or live with, anyone who has been exposed to Covid-19 or if you are currently experiencing symptoms, please wait to schedule an appointment until you have quarantined for the appropriate amount of time. Out of respect for your service provider, their family and our salon family and guests, safety needs to be our top priority.