SHOPPE DIEM! Introducing 360-degree shopping at Just B Styles

If shopping is your cardio, prepare for some serious sprinting! With the launch of 360-degree shopping at Just B Styles, the retail game has officially changed.

Just B Styles is what happens when crazy-talented Aveda master stylists and fashion junkies create a fully interactive shopping concept. We call it 360-degree shopping because you can get any and all elements of an entire curated look.

And we do mean ANY and ALL! In addition to purchasing clothes, shoes and accessories, at Just B Styles you can shop the model’s hair color or style, makeup look, brow shape—anything you see that you like, you can have.

Source: Just B Styles

A little background: Just B Styles is located within Joli, Lexington’s premier salon and day spa since 2010, Joli’s team consists of experts in their field in hair and esthetics, constantly receiving advanced training from the industry’s best to stay at the forefront of style and fashion.

They have a passion for bringing complete renewal to every guest. So it’s not just an exceptional hair or skin service, but a full wellness experience, complete with rituals of relaxation. This is the basis for 360-degree shopping. If there is anyone who can give guests the exact beauty look they want to go along with the fashion they love, it’s the stylists at Joli.

Ready to try your first 360-degree shopping experience? Once you do, we think you’ll never shop any other way again. Come check out Just B Styles and find out what it’s like to finally get EVERYTHING you want!

Source: Just B Styles