Under 20 Minutes & $20 Off: Your Best Color Yet

Aveda Full Spectrum Demi

With all of the bold, beautiful color hitting the runways (and street styles), it’s hard to resist not thinking about a new look for yourself. We know color can be a commitment, and Aveda does too. Enter Full Spectrum Demi+, the easiest and healthiest way to achieve a new color—without the commitment—instantly.


This new demi-permanent, gel-based formula glides on easy, giving you total saturation for results that amaze (if we do say so ourselves). The color line is specific to those wanting a darker hue or grey coverage, thanks to its deep, completely customizable color. The demi-permanent color will last you about 24 washes—and, by the time your roots have grown out, you color will have faded enough to eliminate that obvious “color line.” It’s all the fun without the commitment.


With a processing time of 5-20 minutes, you don’t have to devote your entire afternoon sitting in a salon chair. You can even add this service on at the shampoo bowl! The formula is gentle, non-damaging and conditioning—so getting a color service can be considered a treatment for your hair. The customizability of Demi+ also makes it easy to ease into a color you want—or simply change things up—at your preferred pace.


New to the world of hair color? Demi+ is the perfect introduction. Download our $20 gift towards your first color service here—then, give us a call at 859.252.0232 or book online to make your appointment.