Level 1:  Enlighten

Our Enlighten level stylists have completed their state required cosmetology training and our in-salon new hire training program.  They are typically newer in the industry and sometimes collaborate with more seasoned stylists to ensure proper color formulating and product placement.  Following your appointment, you may be asked for your feedback to ensure that we are truly empowering these stylists to provide exceptional experiences for every guest!

Level 2:  Empower

Our Empower level stylists have some experience under their belt and are comfortable dabbling in more advanced techniques. They have also taken some continued education courses in both color and haircutting and are excited to take on new challenges!

Level 3:  Evolve

Evolve level stylists have accumulated a good amount of experience behind the chair and are well equipped to offer more advanced techniques for hair color.  They’re also proficient in advanced haircutting techniques that are customized to each guest.  They are great problem solvers, making them a go-to for color changes and corrections.

Level 4:  Elevate

Stylists within the Elevate level are elite in their craft and therefore their time is in high demand behind the chair.  They’ve put in the time, energy and education to get to where they are.  They are great communicators who offer exceptional results in advanced coloring and haircutting techniques.  At this point in their career, there aren’t many hair challenges they haven’t seen before.  These stylists not only inspire their guests but also their teammates!

Level 5:  Eminence

The name says it all.  Stylists at the Eminence level are superior in their craft.  They have far exceeded the 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills and take on any hair challenges with the utmost confidence.


A promotion to each level is based on a few factors, including demand on time, technical skill, experience behind the chair and advanced education.  As a service provider “levels up”, you will see a small increase in their service pricing.  This reflects the investment they have made to their professional development.

We recommend choosing a level of stylists that best fits your needs and budget.  However, it is important to remember that we work as a team so feel free to see as many stylists as you’d like to find the perfect fit!


Salon Sensory Rituals

Each service is completed with Aveda Sensory Rituals. During your service you will be offered Aveda Comforting Tea, a warm neck pillow, stress-relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massage, a consultation, a relaxing shampoo experience, a luxurious hand massage and a finishing touch.


Haircut & Style
8 and under
Thermal Style$20+
Event Style$75+
Color Services*
Color Retouch$78+
Color Gloss$78+
Scalp-to-Ends Color$148+
Men's Color$52+
Men's Highlight$73+
Brow or Lash Tint$28+
Full Highlight*
Short Hair$78+
Medium Hair$93+
Long Hair$118+
Partial Highlight*
Short Hair$73+
Medium Hair$78+
Long Hair$86+
Short Hair$83+
Medium Hair$103+
Long Hair$123+

*Prices will be given upon consultation with service provider and are subject to change. 
*Color Correction is priced by consultation

Service Upgrades**
Botanical Repair™ Treatment$20
Nutriplenish™ Moisturizing Treatment$20
Pramasana™ Scalp Treatment $30
Express Pramasana™ Scalp Treatment $15
Express Color Gloss$40+

**Added on to a color, cut, or style service