Low-Maintenance Spring Beauty Trends

We love spring, we love beauty, and we really love low-maintenance. At Joli, we’ve been scouring the runways and red carpets for looks that DON’T take lots of time and money to achieve, but DO look perfectly on trend. Here are our 3 faves.


Out: the “Instagram brow” that’s overly sculpted, arched, and too perfect. In: brows that are mildly groomed, with little to no visible product.

Start with a brow grooming to get your ideal shape (the brow pros at Joli are at your service). Maintain them with Aveda’s Brow Definer, the all-in-one tool that helps you nail this natural look with ease. Use the spool end to brush brows into shape. Then, in short flicking strokes, use the color end to outline and fill in sparse areas.


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The #glasshair look is not going anywhere and we are thrilled. This trend will hold up in photos for years to come without looking dated. Since when is healthy, shiny hair not in style?

Start with a cut or trim to get rid of dead ends. Then, nourish your hair with an Aveda shine treatment or color gloss at Joli. Both improve the health of damaged hair while adding long-term gorgeous shine, using a conditioning blend of certified organic plant oils. The color gloss treatment pulls double duty by enhancing your hair color at the same time.


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The “just-left-my-facialist” glow was a certified lewk during all the major Fashion Weeks. This skin-first, makeup-second approach is something we’ve always promoted at Joli, because healthy skin is the best foundation for every makeup trend. Start with an actual facial to prime your complexion, then faithfully use those Aveda skin-care products your Joli esthetician recommends for you.

With that flawless canvas in place, pair a sheer tinted moisturizer (like Aveda’s Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture) with a bold lip, dark lashes or a swipe of shadow, and that’s it. Seriously. You’re done.


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So basically, being on trend for spring while spending minimal time doing it means: get started in the salon/spa, and keep it going at home in just a few minutes a day. Book your spring beauty appointments at Joli, and enjoy all that free time this spring!