Tips & Tricks For Making Your Eyes the Center of Attention

Phone, keys, wallet….mask! If you’re going anywhere these days, this has become your new routine. As recommended by the CDC to combat the spread of COVID-19, face masks (or coverings of any sort) are a part of our new normal. Having half of your face covered when you’re out in public has made makeup, such as lipstick and foundation, almost unnecessary, a small but sad price to pay to keep everyone safe. The good news? Face masks are drawing ALL the attention to our eyes…so why not go all out? Read on to see what Joli Day Spa in Lexington, KY recommends to get those bright eyes of yours popping!



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When it comes to doing your eyeshadow these days, go big or go home is our motto. Give your eyes a reason to be the center of attention with a chic, pastel look like the one above. Fall is right around the corner, which means there’s no better time to rock these hues before they’re out of season. To achieve this look, shop Aveda’s Petal Essence Eye Color in Violet Bloom with us here.

Brows & Lashes

When it comes to making the eyes pop, eyebrow maintenance is always crucial. Whatever your brow shape/style is, our talented estheticians at Joli Day Spa are here to offer the best eyebrow services in Lexington, KY. Finish off your fierce eye look with a lash lift or tint, also available at Joli Day Spa. For a full list of our waxing and lash services, check out our menu here.


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Think you’re ready to make the jump and spruce up your brows and lashes? Give us a call at 859.252.0232 or click here to book your next appointment with us at Joli Day Spa in Lexington, KY. We’ll be here waiting for you!